• Effectively controls oil and shine
  • Will not cause the skin to appear dry and will not settle into fine lines or appear cakey or patchy
  • Feel soft and smooth
  • Light feeling does not feel heavy on the face
  • Perfectly fits any skin types and tones


Doaru Silky Lucent Loose Powder is an amazing finishing powder that transforms your face to perfection. Its unique ingredients refract light and distribute it at the skin surface creating a glowing luminescence the effectively enhance your makeup gazillion times! It is best used as a finishing powder. It perfectly fits any skin types and tones.

With Vitamin E that boost your skin’s immune response and Jojoba that conditions your skin to make it soft, supple and silky smooth, a little of this mineral based loose powder is enough to give an amazing enhancement to your complexion effectively hiding large pores, discoloration, blemishes, lines, scars and any type of skin imperfection. All day long without that problematic patching, settling and caking caused by most loose powder.


31 Suitable for very light skin tone.

41 Suitable for light skin tone.

51 Suitable for medium and brown skin tone.


Apply on the skin using a powder puff or a powder brush. Use after applying Foundation Cream and Pressed Powder.

Doaru Silky Lucent Powder

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